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ENARDO Series 800-SO

Series 800 In-Line Pressure Vacuum Vent PhotoIn-Line Pressure Vacuum Vents


ENARDO Series 800-SO in-line vent valves prevent the escape of light ends of crude by maintaining pressure in the storage tank. This valve is installed directly into the vent line exhaust.



  • Pressure setting: 1.0 to 16.0 oz./sq. in. (0.5 increments) (4.3 to 69.0 mbar, 2 mbar increments)
  • Vacuum setting: 0.4 oz./sq. in. (1.7 mbar)
  • Advanced composite thermoplastic material for superior resistance to corrosion, freezing and sticking
  • Housing material: cast aluminum
  • Size: 2 (50 mm) through 4 (100 mm)
  • Connections: Slip-on flanges to accept pipe end


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