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Storage Tanks

Storage Tanks

ENARDO pressure/vacuum relief valves limit unwanted vapor emissions by maintaining pressure in storage tanks while allowing for thermal inbreathing and outbreathing, as well as normal filling and draining operations. With blanket gas systems, nitrogen consumption is minimized by the enhanced sealing characteristics of advanced composite materials, which also provide superior cold weather performance (to -50°F) and resistance to sticky substances.

ENARDO thief and guage hatches provide both access and pressure/vacuum venting capability for smaller tanks.

ENARDO flame arrestors offer protection against accidental ignition of flammable vapors and many are certified by the U.S. Coast Guard, Factory Mutual (FM) and ATEX certifications to ensure the highest level of safety*. Our detonation arrestors feature a patented flame cell design with larger crimp openings than competing products, resulting in lower pressure drop, less plugging and easier cleaning. ENARDO also offers a full range of models for gas groups D (IIA), B (IIC) and C (IIB3).

ENARDO emergency vents supply storage tanks with the extra relief capacity required by OSHA (29CFR 1910.106), API Standard 2000 and NFPA 30 in the event of an external fire or overpressure caused by a process upset. ENARDO pressure/vacuum models also provide high capacity vacuum flow for emergency pump-out.

For secure tank access, ENARDO offers a full range of hatches, including spring-loaded, dead weight loaded and lock down types.

Typical Applications

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ENARDO pressure/vacuum relief valves, flame arrestors

Access openings

ENARDO hatches

Emergency relief openings

ENARDO Emergency vents

ENARDO products are designed and manufactured in ISO 9001-certified facilities.

*Consult "Certifications and Approvals" page or contact the factory for information on model-specific agency approvals.

For industry-specific tank applications, see the links below:

Market Applications
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